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How to not lose it over harsh words from a loved one

If you’ve ever had someone you care about judge you harshly then you know what it feels like to question how well you know yourself, and if what they’ve said is really true. But please don’t be fooled Sensitive Soul. If this friend/partner/family member brings you advice, guidance, criticism or judgement packaged as something to help you and yet comes with sarcasm, anger, blame or attacking energy - then instead of second guessing yourself - take space from that person and tune into your own intuition, your own inner knowing. Perhaps intuitively you’ve always felt a bit cautious around this person. Like you have to be on guard somewhat. Perhaps you’ve looked up to them because they always seem to have their shit together, and yet you feel smaller in their presence. As a highly sensitive person you may not realise that you’re often giving away your power to others. You love others to be happy as anger scares you. You don’t see yourself as powerful as you’re so often overwhelmed with your feelings. But unfortunately in being so sensitive you can attract people who can be harsh, unkind and dump their own challenging emotions on you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You CAN step away. Tune into you. Do you want this energy in your life? Do you desire a mirror that reflects back your image so harshly. Or can you spare yourself that pain and choose people and mirrors who lift you up? Perhaps even starting with yourself... #selfempowerment #theselfempoweredwoman #sensitivesoul #highlysensitiveandsavvy #yourintiuitionknowsbest #soulspeak

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