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 As a holistic practitioner I have access to a variety of modalities to guide your journey as we shed the layers of adaptation that you have been living in, and bring in alignment with your authentic self so that you can shine in your True Essence.

More dynamic and progressive than counselling, but slower and more meaningful than coaching, a Somatic Emotional Empowerment Coaching journey is a long term commitment that pays off with lasting change built on the foundations of going at the pace that your internal wisdom is ready for.

This transformation would not be complete and whole without incorporating aspects from each of the following areas:





We work in a circular way with each of these aspects, creating safety in the nervous system first before unravelling conditioning and protective behaviours, and then layering in new concepts, practices and tools as we go. 

Bringing you awareness, embodiment and energetic connection to yourself in a holistic and sustainable way.

I hold space over Zoom from my home in Worthing, UK, or as I travel in the US & Australia.

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