As a Sensitive Soul myself I have lived through the challenges of growing up sensitive in a world that was so fast moving that it didn't have time for my emotions. I spent most of my life trying to avoid my sensitivity and deny it. But as a result of trying to push it down it would come up loud and messy in the most inconvenient of times. I went through bouts of depression and dissatisfaction with life always coming back to the same feeling: I felt miserable that no one knew who I really was and as a result couldn't understand why sometimes I would act so weird or be so overwhelmed.

This feeling started to affect my work, friendships and my romantic relationship. Eventually I had no choice but to take the brave path and start living in my true essence. Whatever that meant as I knew if I didn't take action a very depressed future awaited me. 

The good news is that it turned out well. It has not been an easy journey by any means, but I have lived to tell the tale that it is in fact way better living in authenticity and alignment as a Sensitive Soul than hiding behind the facade of 'I'm just like everyone else'.

As a result of being brave and not dying the terrible public death I had envisioned from outing myself as a Sensitive Soul, I am here to lovingly support other Sensitive Souls to align with their truth and shine in their true essence.

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