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"Aurora is a truly gifted, heart-centered, thoughtful and giving coach. These past months with her has totally transformed my life, and most importantly, how I feel about myself. 


When I first started working with Aurora, I was feeling constant anxiety, tons of self-doubt, and I knew I needed help to get out of this rut. The stars aligned and I was able to receive coaching with Aurora—and it has had more of an impact on my life than anything else I’ve tried, including therapy. 

Emotional Empowerment Coaching with Aurora is actually way better than therapy, in my experience! She helped me see that my negative self-talk needed to shift—and she gave me the tools to do that. Her guidance was always gentle, the tools and resources she passed along were exactly what I needed, and all the insights and wisdom she shared with me in our sessions were literally exactly what I needed. I’ve never felt so seen, so heard, and so understood, ever. 


Being a highly sensitive person, she helped me embrace and love all the parts of myself, even the parts that other people might not understand. And she was so loving and supportive, making me feel like I really could make change in my life.


I’m truly in awe and amazed by how far I’ve come. I’ve started putting myself first, I’ve manifested better clients at work, I feel better than I have in years and I truly feel open and excited about the future. I use the tools Aurora taught me daily and I know these big shifts I’ve made in my life are all because I had her guiding me and showing me the way forward. 


She came into my life at a time when I really needed an extra boost—and she gave me so much more than that. The experience with Aurora was soulful, magical and so nurturing. I want to tell everyone I know to work with her. She truly is a gifted healer, coach and guide—and I feel so grateful and blessed that I was lucky enough to work with her. The impact of our sessions will keep on resonating in my life for a long, long time!"

Caitlin, Illinois USA


"What a gift it has been to be guided by Aurora.


I came to her during an emotionally turbulent time while I was wrestling with a life-changing decision that made me feel very alone.


Aurora’s felt like a dear friend swaddling me in a blanket, serving me tea, and being a compassionate listener to my woes.


She is a wonderful, affirmative intermediary when you are stuck in a position of not being able to trust and affirm yourself.


Her open-hearted and soothing nature was the perfect sounding board for my myriad complex spiritual challenges.


Through Aurora’s guidance, I learned much about how the state of our nervous system affects the quality of our consciousness and seeps into our thoughts and behaviours.


Even as a self-aware person, I could not label all that was going on behind the scenes until Aurora helped me put it into a framework for understanding.


I can easily see Aurora as being a constant in my life, who I can rely on to provide guidance and coaching through difficult (or even not-so-difficult) times." 

Chloe, UK


"I have been reflecting on the profound impact working with Aurora has had on my life, and the personal growth it has inspired. I consider myself so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have someone as thoughtful and wise as Aurora to guide me, and it has encouraged such a positive change in me. 

When on a personal development journey the changes can feel so small and gradual that you hardly notice, but there comes a point where you pause and reflect and realise that you are so different to how you began.


While there are naturally still times when I feel physically unwell with Fibromyalgia or anxious, I mostly feel transformed.


I am so proud of how far I have come and have a new found respect and compassion for myself.


Thank you Aurora for holding such a non judgemental and nurturing space for me."

Leila, UK

Image by Rachel Cook

"You are in your ‘autumn phase and we have to listen to that’ Aurora said to me on our first session as I tumbled out all my thoughts and feelings around peri-menopause.


With all the real physical changes taking place my mental perspective really did need to catch up. Aurora with her holistic understanding of what it means to be a woman — from maiden to mother to wise woman gently guided me to a place of understanding, self compassion and strength.  


Her positive energy and wise support has been an invaluable step in my rejuvenation. Autumn, a time for shedding…saying ‘no’ to what you do not want to do in your life in order to have space for the ‘yes’. Articulating this with Aurora and provided with strategies to nudge this into action has been - honestly- just liberating.


As a creative - visual artist- in meltdown I have gone from stagnation to being open to possibility. A new me embracing a new phase. 


Aurora is totally on point with her guidance. Perceptive, joyful, resourceful, just FULL. And her generosity means that my cup is getting FULL now too. For any woman in midlife, Aurora is a gift."

Liz, UK

Image by Sapan Patel

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your session yesterday.


I had this overwhelming feeling of calmness in my heart afterwards that I haven't had in a long time.


I'm very grateful that the universe allowed our paths to cross. Looking forward to the next session with you."

Ellie, Australia


"Aurora is a truly gifted inspiring woman. I could feel how much she deeply cared.

She is very supportive in her approach, and she held a beautiful safe space for me to fully be myself and gain insights on my true hearts desires.


She helped me get clear on business intentions but more importantly self-compassion intentions and how to live a more loving, joyful & authentic life.


Thanks to her magical way with words, she helped me realise I held much more potential than I knew and helped me find a deeper sense of inner peace & purpose.


Aurora has an incredible tool box to share with sensitive souls who are ready to shine brighter and lovingly share their gifts with the world.


I cannot thank you enough for making me feel heard and supported and help me gain momentum in the directions of my dreams."

Nicole, Australia

Image by OC Gonzalez

"I have been feeling so much better and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Your learning and guidance has really profoundly improved my health and wellbeing.


I’m in a position now to face the bumps in the road with strength and positivity.


Lessons I’ve learned will be with me for life, so I thank you for that."

Annette, UK


"Aurora supported my overall wellness and aliveness in a way no one has before. Aurora has a warming, aware and beautiful presence, and an ability to seamlessly tune in to what you need. 


Aurora sensitively guided me through a seriously wide range of topics from the fun and practical, to the extremely tough.


The best thing was, whatever subject, state of anxiety or happiness I came to her with, she met me with a truly supportive open mind that’s been unmatched. She listened to what I was and wasn’t saying, and shared a healing energy that’s still with me now.


In fact, I’m grinning as I write this as I remember all the great things she’s helped me with. Aurora saw the whole me and she helped me feel at ease, to be silly, cry, laugh, dream, and just be me :)


We had laughs, lots of in depth exploration, and this wasn’t just help via talking. When I needed it, Aurora calmed me down with thoughtful exercises that we did together, and she shared exercises and practices to do on my own. There was very much a personal touch, clear care, and joy in her guidance. 


Many a session I’d think “now that is a goooood question”, connection being offered to what I’ve previously shared, or observation that I may not have considered.


Combining her open minded nature with the practical insights and exercises, Aurora helped me so much, and made me want to learn more to help myself. She taught me about my nervous system and there was never too much or too little information. Just enough to get me curious and delve in more. 


Her teachings pop into my mind very regularly, and that shows the lasting impact of our work together. This wasn't a flash in a pan change where you quickly revert back to old ways. Instead, this is lasting. Time with Aurora is so special, helpful, and it brings a warmth to your spirit. I always came away from time with her feeling at one with myself, energised and ready to take the next step foward with a spring in my step. 


In fact, I think that feeling is the true aliveness she wants us all to find and make the most of :)"

Jonny, UK


"Aurora immediately put me at ease as she has such a calm presence and is very easy to talk to.


I felt a profound sense of relief even after our first session, like a weight had been lifted. It wasn't just because I could finally voice my concerns/issues to someone.


Aurora really listens and offers wisdom and guidance which really help. She gave me the tools to not only cope but move forward in my life.


7 months later and I feel like a different person with a completely different life perspective. This is hugely down to the sessions I had with Aurora.


I finally have a clear picture of what I want in my future in terms of life, romance and career. I honestly can't thank her enough."

Glenda, UK

Image by Storiès

"I can honestly say you have had the biggest impact on my life from making me feel that I do have a purpose and that life is happening for me not to me.


The tools I have learnt and the insight into my nervous system has been incredible.


I will miss our time together that is a definite but with everything you have taught me, finding that regulation and being more into the blue I’m sure I can do this."

Phil, UK

Image by Jordan Wozniak

"At the start of being guided by Aurora I was in a familiar place of ’stuckness’- operating mainly from my head and sympathetic nervous system - and not being able to address my personal grief as well as shift ongoing behavioural and relationship patterns stemming from weak boundaries, confusion and the inability to understand and express myself and my needs. 

Just over a year on, through consistent insightful and transformational sessions with Aurora that had us laughing, me crying ( what a release) and exploring everything in depth, I feel like a different person. I have the sense that I have 'come home' to myself; embracing my true authenticity, understanding and responding to myself more - body, mind and spirit, and being the full-powered heroine of my own life. 


Aurora’s guidance interweaved with her wisdom, knowledge, safe space-holding, warmth, care and insight has helped me significantly.


She has given me so many tools - personally tailored - that have helped me see and treat myself and my life in such a different, transparent way and which will continue to benefit and help me for years to come.


Thank you so much for your light, Aurora and for guiding me to a place of ‘be-ing’."

Jo, UK

Image by Dawid Zawiła

"I was guided by Aurora through a time of health challenges. With her guidance this was a time of growth that I couldn't previously have imagined, and I am incredibly grateful for the journey we went on together.


I have developed a more secure relationship with myself, and am able to travel through life's ups and downs with both joy and equanimity.


I am living in and with my body much more, and I understand myself so much better.


I valued her encouraging, thoughtful approach, and I felt lighter after every session, as well as cumulatively over the time we were seeing each other.


The wisdom she's imparted will stay with me for a long time. Thank you Aurora."

Grace, UK


"I had been feeling very conflicted and unclear for nearly 12 months about how to structure a professional partnership I was in. I had tried on numerous occasions to resolve it with my partner but never felt I was reaching an outcome that truly suited my needs as well as theirs and was feeling frustrated.

I started coaching with Aurora and was amazed at how enlightening it was.

Aurora very skilfully guided me through a process, asked powerful questions and gave gentle guidance that allowed me for the first time ever feel really clear and empowered about this situation. She allowed me to tap into my own inner wisdom and find the answer for myself.

I went on to have a really fruitful conversation with my partner where I was very clear about my needs and boundaries, expressed them in a balanced and collaborative way and we came up with a structure that we were both really happy with.


That sense of empowerment and clarity has continued on and helped me in numerous other situations since.

I will definitely reach out to Aurora again when I’m feeling really stuck."

Steph, UK

Kara Mitchel.jpeg

"Aurora holds a wealth of information; she took the time to guide me in a personalised way for my benefit with an array of tools while continually providing support and encouragement.


During this journey, I felt at ease to open up and share all.


Thank you Aurora, I learned tools and techniques and new ways of thinking which I know will benefit me for life."

Kara, Australia

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