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I'm not ok

Sometimes there’s no quick fix for feeling anxious. You can throw all of your tools at it and it still won’t budge. Because sometimes it takes looking at the whole thing that you call your life and unpacking it to pull out the bits that are working and the bits that aren’t. And somewhere in that process there can be the most beautiful clarity about who you truly are, what’s good for you, what you want and what you really need. Maybe this has changed recently and you didn’t even know. In those moments of realisation there’s finally peace and an awareness of what needs to happen next ✨ But to begin with it starts with recognising that you’re not ok...life isn’t vibing with you at the moment. You feel an underlying ickiness, and if you could you’d run away and hide. Be beautifully compassionate with yourself as you would be with a child and start by giving yourself space. You’re going to be ok 👌🏻 this isn’t who you are at your core. The more authentic you is just wanting to be seen and heard, and that’s a good thing 💗


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