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+ Do you have a specific area in your life that you are ready to shift but it feels like the path forward is blocked?

+ Can you name what is getting in the way?

+ Are you ready to create significant change in one particular area, but need a helping hand to feel safe to expand?

Feeling stuck sucks. Frustration builds up, longing and desire is on board, but something just won't shift...

What's wrong with me you might be saying?


Nothing is wrong with you. You might just have some blocks around moving forward because your unconscious doesn't feel safe.


Our inner world is much more influential in our external experience than we previously believed. The unconscious mind is powerful and is built on learned behaviours and repetitive patterns that allow us to not have to think about everything consciously all the time. This is a big relief energetically, and yet if you want to create massive change in your life externally you're going to have to get your internal world on board too, and this is where intuitive coaching really helps. 

For example you can have a big intention for yourself - such as creating an event, reaching a financial milestone, changing career, or making new friends, and yet it seems like there's a block - almost like a sheet of glass between you and what you know would move you towards what you want.


You might contract when you want to expand, you might get distracted rather than taking action.

We all experience this from time to time. Want something so much, we might even know what we need to do, and feel like we can't quite get there. Some call this procrastination. I call this an inner safety net.

It's because we have beliefs that we created in our childhood that are still with us today. Sometimes they are helpful beliefs designed to keep us safe our whole lives, and sometimes they were only relevant in childhood and are outdated and getting in the way of us living our best life as an adult.

In this 3 month coaching programme we bring light to the desires, longings and intentions you have for your life - creating a map that feels expansive and inspiring. And when we encounter a block to seeing that path realised - we meet that experience with kindness and compassion, and reduce any challenging feelings about it before re-arranging it to be more empowering using EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP, Psych K energy alignment, Nervous System regulation and Embodiment tools. 

Thereby shifting your unconscious blocks and moving forward with more empowering beliefs to support you. Leading to you experiencing yourself living your desires from the inside out.

'Aurora's guidance was always gentle, the tools and resources she passed along were so helpful, and all the insights and wisdom she shared with me in our sessions were literally exactly what I needed. I’ve never felt so seen, so heard, and so understood, ever.' - Caitlin, Chicago USA


Each session is 60 minutes


Sessions are conducted on a private video call

- with home play between sessions for you to focus on to bring alive what we cover in our 60 minute sessions


GBP£140 per month

(paid in advance of each month's sessions)


GBP£400 for all 6 sessions 

Programme Length

3 months

Number of Sessions

Sessions are fortnightly, with 2 sessions per month, totalling 6 sessions in the 3 month programme

How to get started?

We start with a 30 minute complimentary Exploration Call to see if we're a good fit.

Just so you know...

The tools used in Permission to Shine 3 Month Coaching Programme are also used in the Come Alive - 1:1 Spaceholding Programme.

The main difference being that a Spaceholding journey removes all focus on reaching an experience or intention by a certain date,

and instead prioritises making space for the pace at which your inner wisdom is ready to be expressed.


If you're ready to create long lasting change from within, in multiple areas of your life, without limits on how long it takes to see this realised - this might be what you're looking for.

Click below to learn more...

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