I see you beautiful soul. You've been hiding your sensitivity from the world for a long time. Feeling scared of being too much and not fitting in. You've denied this part of yourself, ignored it and wished it would go away.


But deep down you know you're different. And the result is that you're exhausted from constantly trying to be what you're not. Always questioning yourself and not trusting your inner knowing. Wondering if the people around you who seem so fierce know better than you do.

You want to show a brave face, act normal, do ALL the things and be like everyone else, but really you're not a Type A personality and you need some solid time to yourself on a regular basis just to process the world around you.

You care about how others feel, and how they feel about you, and a harsh word from someone you don't even know can have you reeling for hours.

Conflict makes you ill, so you often shy away from telling people how you really feel.


Sometimes you feel crazy, but you're not. You just feel more deeply than others. 

You hate to admit it but burn out has become a bit of a habit. You are passionate and want to have an amazing life, but you can feel so emotionally overwhelmed and drained from holding it all together that you often collapse energetically and breakdown in every sense of the word.

You know that you can't keep going on like this. Something has to change... either everyone is going to find out that you're an emotional mess who can't handle your shit, or you need to own your gifts and start living authentically aligned with your true essence.

I know that secretly you've been hoping that some day someone will give you permission to just be you - and that day you can relax and drop the act.


But I'm here to tell you sister, no one is coming to save you. Though honestly that's not a bad thing...


It's not easy being different, and it's a tough gig growing up highly sensitive. You adapted to survive, but hiding and ignoring your sensitivity long term is hurting you more than you know.

* Are you exhausted by your life, and ready to try something new?

* Are you desperate to feel like your true self all of the time, not just when you're at home by yourself? 

* Are you still working in a job that you know doesn't allow you to express the best of yourself, but you're too scared to do anything else? 

* Are you in the spiritual closet and a bit more woo woo than you'd like to admit?

* Have you had a challenging relationship with a family member growing up that left you always wondering why you didn't receive the love you needed as a child?

* Have you been wondering why your relationships don't seem to work out and why you haven't met someone who truly gets you yet? 

* Are you tired of working in roles and jobs where people try to walk all over you, and you never feel like you're fully appreciated and accepted? 

It's hard enough being highly sensitive, let alone trying not to be and yet still function in a balanced way.

There is only one way to experience all that you want to have in your life - and that is by accepting, owning and stepping into your true essence and nourishing your soul as a Highly Sensitive Person. 

If you're ready to own your differences, stop feeling like an outcast, and express those parts of you that the world has never seen... then let me be your cheerleader as you quit the habit of hiding, break free from the cycle of burnout and start living life loud and proud as your authentic self!




For the Sensitive Soul who is tired of standing on the sidelines of your life and is ready to release the cycle of burnout from trying to fit in. 


Get ready to set some inspiring and heart expanding goals to finally align & shine in your true essence.

You are your own knight in shining armour!



If you've ever felt like it's hard to have what you want in life, then you probably have some unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns getting in your way.

Give yourself the gift of making energetic space for that which nourishes your soul. Together we will release the emotional bind that past experiences have on you, and empower you to see life through a different lens. 



I honour and deeply respect you for your courage in making space for change in your life. You may have just realised that you need to do something different, or you may have been waiting to make this change for years.

For every Sensitive Soul who is in hiding there will be a time when you need to make a leap. To find your inner courage and choose something bigger and more aligned for yourself. Because standing on the sidelines is no way to live. You deserve to know what it feels like to be fully expressed in your true essence.

"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path" - Morpheus - The Matrix

It's your time to align & shine.


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