A reminder of your uniqueness

August 19, 2018

That thing you do naturally and take for granted...whether it be making new friends, latte art, taking awesome pictures, bending yourself like a pretzel in yoga, writing poetry, or organising the shiz out of something - someone else wishes they could do that.

Looking at someone else’s skills and talents and wishing that you could do what they can do is a natural part of being human - it can inspire you to take action and grow, but comparison can also make you feel shit. So don’t forget someone is looking at you doing the thing that you do and thinking - ‘man, I wish I could do that!’


Don’t get down about what you can’t do - love up what comes naturally to you even if you compare yourself to others -because the truth is we all do!


And you are not exempt from admirers too!


#selflove #admirers #selfcompassion#comparison #thecomparisontrap #ownit

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