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Bravely walk in the direction of your dreams

I always find it so interesting that when I choose to commit to a life goal the universe will send me lots of potential distractions to see how much I want it. A new job, a new relationship, a new hobby, energetic space issues, someone else’s drama, money challenges, wellness challenges. One by one along they come. And initially I get caught up in it (whatever it might be). I find myself immersed, distracted, head down instead of head forward not moving towards what was so important to me just a short while ago. And then it hits me that I’ve been pulled off course. And I laugh...'haha universe you almost got me! But sorry I really want this goal, so this distraction will have to go.’ These moments of realisation and steering my ship back on the course takes a lot of courage. I recognise that the distractions show up because a part of me hasn’t fully aligned with the goal I’m working on. Perhaps a part of me doesn’t truly believe it can come true. It’s my egos way of saying ‘if we get distracted and don’t do the work then no one can blame us for not succeeding! And hey short term gain is a lot more fun!’ Staying on track is brave. Doing the work it takes to achieve the dream that your heart truly desires is brave. Not getting pulled into doing what’s awesome now at the cost of something awesome in the future is brave. What distractions are getting in the way right now of you focusing on what’s important? How can you be brave instead?

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#change #courage #selflove #brave

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