1:1 Space holding to support you to align & shine

Sweet friend,


Life can be a beautiful, awe inspiring and yet scary place for a Sensitive Soul. You know better than most how Earth can seem like the most amazing adventure and dream, and at the same time the most awful place to be.


Feeling everything so intensely has its benefits but it can be hard to see that when you've been brought up being told to 'stop crying', 'stop being silly', 'just get on with it', 'actions are more important than feelings', 'rest is for when you're dead', 'you're not sick, you're fine - get out of bed' etc

You started life in your true essence, a true expression of your soul, but because those around you didn't understand you they labelled you as someone who was different. Who had issues. Who lashed out and got defensive. Who couldn't handle life.


Perhaps you're a bit of a perfectionist and need things to be a certain way to feel safe. Maybe you go through cycles of complete exhaustion and can't leave your bed. Or perhaps you have a deep sense of satisfaction staying at home for a whole weekend and nesting to replenish and restore your energy - taking introversion to a whole new level. 


After spending years hiding behind masks and pretending to be someone you're not, you're exhausted.


You've been overriding your inner knowing about what is best for you and what you need. Prioritising others and giving to yourself last. But your soul knows you best and has been giving you signals for years - through illness, exhaustion and overwhelm. You're not living in alignment with your true self. And you've come to realise - that's not good enough. 

Choosing a life of alignment sounds wonderful but the whole truth is that it can be challenging, messy and downright uncomfortable. You've spent years trying to fit in and not be weird and different. To come back to who you truly are is going to feel like abandoning who everyone else thought you were. 

If your frustration of staying the same is feeling bigger than your fear of showing up as your true self, then it's your time to align & shine. 

Together we will map a path forward to experiencing and showing up as your true essence in the world. 

As your space holder and evolutionary cheerleader I will help you to embrace your fears, stretch your comfort zone and set some inspiring goals which will see you living your best life in the very near and tangible future.

And because I understand that if it had been easy to change you would have done so a long time ago, included in your coaching programme are fortnightly Inner Wellbeing Sessions where we delve in to the beliefs and un-empowering emotions that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

'Aurora helped me to embrace and love all the parts of myself, even the parts that other people might not understand. She was so loving and supportive,
making me feel like I really could make change in my life. And after
three months, I’m truly in awe and amazed by how far I’ve come. I’ve
started putting myself first, I’ve manifested better clients at work, I feel
better than I have in years and I truly feel open and excited about the
future.' - Caitlin, Chicago USA

What's included 

  • A pre-chat questionnaire to get to know you better

  • A free Clarity Call to get you started on your journey and to see if we're a good fit

  • The opportunity to set and see yourself living 1-3 inspiring and heart expanding goals with the support of your very own space holder and cheerleader

  • Fortnightly 1 hour Space Holding Sessions via Phone or Zoom

  • Fortnightly Inner Wellbeing Sessions focussing on clearing the energetic path to living your goal/s

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Relevant tips, recommendations and information where appropriate

How we connect

Space Holding Sessions and Inner Wellbeing Sessions are conducted over the Phone or Zoom at no additional cost to you. 

Email support is provided between sessions with a response within 24 hours.

Space Holding Programme options & pricing

3 months AUD$900

6 months AUD$1800

12 months AU$3600

Payment plans are available. Get in touch to find out more.

Programme choice

Whether you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month programme depends on the depth of your goals and the length of time you would like support to see yourself living them.

This and much more can be discussed in our Clarity Call, a complimentary session designed to bring you clarity, and to ensure we are a good fit to work together.

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