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A 1:1 Space holding journey to bring you home to yourself

You started life in your true essence, a true expression of your soul, but because those around you didn't understand you or how to support your unique way of being, you got labelled as different.


You learned early on that it wasn't ok to be you.


And in order to be ok, you needed to control your life and yourself, to focus on making sure others were happy, and to say yes even when you wanted to say no.

Perhaps you're a bit of a perfectionist and need things to be a certain way to feel safe. Maybe you go through cycles of complete burnout and can't seem to function. Or prioritise making sure everyone is happy and taken care of when your system is screaming - 'what about me?'


After spending years hiding behind masks and pretending to be someone you're not, you're exhausted. Your nervous system is frazzled and getting a good night sleep might feel out of your reach.


You've been overriding your inner knowing about what is best for you and what you need. Prioritising others and giving to yourself last. But your soul knows you best and has been giving you signals for years - through illness, exhaustion and overwhelm.


You're not living in alignment with your true self.


And either you've come to realise - that's not good enough, or your body is shouting so loudly you can't ignore it anymore.

Choosing a life of alignment sounds wonderful but the whole truth is that it can be challenging, messy and downright uncomfortable. You've spent years trying to fit in and not be weird and different.


To come back to who you truly are is going to feel like abandoning who everyone else thought you were. 

If your frustration of staying the same is bigger than your fear of showing up as your true self, then it's your time to come home to yourself. 

Making significant change requires a safe container of support. Together we will map a path forward to experiencing and showing up as your true essence in the world that feels safe and doable, going at a pace that allows you to integrate this change.

As your space holder and evolutionary cheerleader I will help you to embrace your fears, stretch your comfort zone and set some inspiring intentions which will see you living your most aligned life in the very near and tangible future.

And because I understand that if it had been easy to change you would have done so a long time ago, we will delve in to the beliefs and disempowering emotions that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns. 

"In just over a year, through consistent insightful and transformational sessions with Aurora that had us laughing, me crying (what a release) and exploring everything in depth, I feel like a different person. I have the sense that I have 'come home' to myself; embracing my true authenticity, understanding and responding to myself more - body, mind and spirit, and being the full-powered heroine of my own life.'' - Jo, UK


If you’re looking for a magic pill - this is not it.

A spaceholding journey is for those ready for change at a deep level.

How do you know if you're ready?

+ When you keep repeating patterns over and over again and you keep getting the same result.

+ When you've tried everything else and it hasn't worked.

+ When you simply can't admit defeat, not yet - there must be another way...


Then you’re ready for lasting change. The kind that takes work, but leaves you with a deep satisfaction and connection to yourself that you’ve been longing for. The kind of change that will have you wondering how you ever lived like you did before.

If this is the kind of transformation you're up for - then you’re in the right place.


More dynamic and progressive than counselling, but slower and more meaningful than coaching, a space holding journey is an ongoing energetic commitment that pays off with lasting change built on the foundations of going at the pace that your internal wisdom is ready for.


With no fixed time frame, together we decide when it feels aligned to bring the journey to a close.

What Clients Say
"Aurora helped me to embrace and love all the parts of myself, even the parts that other people might not understand. She was so loving and supportive, making me feel like I really could make change in my life.
I'm truly in awe and amazed by how far I've come. I've started putting myself first, I've manifested better clients at work, I feel better than I have in years and I truly feel open and excited about the future."

- Caitlin, USA

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What's included ​

+ A free Exploration Call to see if we're a good fit

+ A foundational questionnaire to set the scene for the journey

+ The opportunity to set and see yourself living inspiring and heart expanding intentions with the support of your very own space holder and cheerleader

+ Weekly or fortnightly 1 hour Space Holding Sessions via video call

+ The opportunity to transform beliefs, fears, shame, relationships, attachment, the inner child, the nervous system, shadow work, and self worth

+ A focus on clearing the energetic path to living your intentions aligned with your true essence

+ Homeplay that is supportive of moving you forward step by step in a doable way

+ Weekly check-in questions

+ Email support between sessions

+ Relevant suggestions, inspirations, recommendations and information where appropriate

How we connect

Space Holding Sessions are conducted via a private video call

Email support is provided between sessions.

Space Holding Programme pricing

GBP£70 per session


GBP£260 for a block of 4 sessions

Programme length

The length of your programme depends on the depth of your intentions

and the length of time it takes for you to see yourself living them. It is completely bespoke and designed to allow your system to go at a pace that feels safe and doable.

How I hold space

Spaceholding is an unique experience that sits somewhere between coaching and counselling.

My approach is inclusive of Mind, Body and Energy aspects, utilising a range of modalities and tools

For more information click >> How I hold space

How to get started

All this and much more can be discussed in our Exploration Call, a complimentary session designed to bring you clarity, and to ensure we are a good fit to work together.

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